Our wines


The grapes

The variety of grapes Grechetto, used to produce this sparkling wine using the Martinotti Method , comes from the highest vineyard in the “Vigneto i Pini” factory, this gives to the grapes the acidity essential to make a fresh and fine product.

The vinification

The grapes are cooled before the production to preserve the aromatic enhancement, after that, the cooled grapes are sent to the production process in a wine press by using the less amount of sulfites possible. The must is left to ferment at a temperature of 13 °C to maintain the typical nature of the grapes. During the winter a re-fermentation takes place in autoclave using the Martinotti Method

The wine

The color is a tenuous pale yellow that is so graceful, the aromas are fresh and floral with a scent of pineapple, astonishing fresh and delicate in the mouth, the sensation added by the CO2 is creamy and delicate, fresh and balanced on the palate.

Technical Data

  • Variety of the grapes, Grechetto 100%
  • Production area San Martino in Colle Perugia
  • Altitude of vineyard 300 m above sea level
  • Medium consistency of soil
  • SMedium consistency of soil
  • Production 90 q /ha
  • Alcohol content 12,40 % Vol
  • Total Acidity 5,80 g/l
  • pH 3,27
  • Residual sugar 8 g/l
  • Pressure in bottle 4,2 bar

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